• Guests can control the shades, lights, temperature, TV

  • and music—even schedule wake-up calls, request valet service

  • and more—from one intuitive remote.


We provide immediate long-term solutions for hotels to keep pace with competitive growth.

The intelligence of Room Management System helps in efficient utilization of the basic elements such as lighting, HVAC, Security systems. Through effective management of all these equipments, hotel can experience many unique features, which can facilitate hotel operations, as well as, to optimize hotel energy saving capabilities in the room and back-of-house operation. Radiant provides a wide range of specially designed Equipment to cater for every need in a guestroom.Besides focusing on exterior appeal, Hoteliers are constantly on the lookout for environmentally friendly solutions and guests participation to reduce resource usage and ever rising operation cost. Our solution empowers operation staff to plan and manage guestrooms more effectively for their daily operations. In response to increasing demand for higher guest expectation of hotel services, Radiant solution has transcended the traditional counter & desk staff to the new mobile work force where information can be instantaneously accessed anywhere anytime in the property. With this mobility, hotel operations are able to response immediately to guest service request and deliver top-notch service for valued guest. Radiant believes that with our technology, enhancing hotel operation efficiency will not only reduce operating cost but value-add to our client's services and brand
With deep sector expertise we can enhance guest experience and can reduce the complexity and fragmentation of technologies for hospitality.



Radiant provides the below services

  • Smart Hospitality Offerings
  • Guest Room Management System
  • Product Gallery
  • In-room automation and control
  • Surveillance and access control
  • Smart Lighting control
  • Intelligent HVAC, Smart Outlets for energy control, conservation and convenience
  • Entry door, Balcony door and window sensors
  • Motion and humidity detection
  • Smartphone and smart watch/wearable-activated door locks and switches
  • Automated shade control and integration
  • Automatic temperature control

With our solutions, customers have high return on investment through:

•  Reducing 30% to 40% of ENERGY COSTS
•  Enhancing Customers’ IMAGE and OUTLOOK
•  Eliminating MINIBAR LOSSES
•  Reducing LABOR COSTS
•  Deterring ROOM ABUSES

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