• Reduce risks anywhere with advanced control options

  • Flowhead & Surface Safety Valve

  • Well Test Emergency Shutdown System


Radiant offers a wide range of well and pressure control solutions to fit most applications.

Our extensive experience and understanding of global characteristics combined with our metallurgical expertise serves as a valuable asset during your field development planning and execution.



Radiant provides the below services

Reduce risks anywhere with advanced control options

Surface well testing control equipment is essential to assuring your test operations are reliable and accurate as well as responsive when faced with an emergency. The Schlumberger portfolio of well control equipment helps operators safely react to and handle such events—in a variety of pressure ratings and in any operating environment—effectively and quickly.


Used to hang test string from elevator and to control flow through master and flow valves; if fitted with a swivel, it allows test string to rotate. Compatible with slickline and electric line operations.

Surface Safety Valve

Hydraulically actuated fail-safe gate valve for testing oil and gas wells; used to quickly shut in a well upstream of the choke manifold in case of overpressure, failure, a leak in downstream equipment, or any other well emergency requiring an immediate shut-in.

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