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Hotel Automation

Every hotel is unique. It is only when each element in the hotel serves its purpose the intended uniqueness is evident. We try to understand the soul of the room and to understand the very purpose of each element. Upon analyzing the room design and considering even the subtle nuances in the room design, our automation design is flawlessly molded to blend seamlessly with the room design. Because like you, we also believe in, and respect the uniqueness of your hotel.

home-automationA place with the right amount of sound to aid our hearing, the right amount of light to enhance our vision and comfy tactile feel is an abode of our dreams. The air flow through the space should carry energy throughout, which not only helps us to realize more about ourselves but also about our activities. A home resembles our personality and our way of living.

soundA message is mere words if it is not properly conveyed. We speak eloquently and effectively, but the message will not make the desired impact if the medium fails to transfer the quality in its entirety.

Transmitting sound is an art when we understand the flow of sound wave, and it is engineering when we understand the role played by various parameters of the wave and its media. We design sound systems, which ensure that your message is not mere words.